Seal The Deal

Hello.It’s me!!


Dad thought it might be fun to “broaden my horizons” today. So he took me on a one hour walk. Now personally, I think Dad was fed up with me ringing the bell every forty minutes to go out and go to the bathroom (I really had to go, often, sorry) and wanted me to vacate every possible fluid or solid contained inside my modest frame.

Exhausted from the walk, Dad takes me over to the local seafood market … and asks me to introduce myself to … THIS:


Yup, that is a SEAL. And as you can see, I was NONE TOO HAPPY about having to spend any time with this squid loving pinniped. NONE TOO HAPPY at all. Terrified¬†Uninterested is a more reasonable word to describe the situation. I didn’t need to seal the deal with this one-eyed seal allegedly named “Popeye” (seriously, that’s his name).

As we speak, I’m trying my hardest to dream the indignity of a random meeting with a phocid out of my mind.


3 thoughts on “Seal The Deal

  1. Wow Dash!!!! Your dad sure does want to expose you to “all walks of life” even if you don’t want to be exposed. I bet there isn’t another dog that has had this experience. Humor your dad–you make his life interesting. Auntie Janet


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