An Open Apology To The Management At Best Western Hotels

Hello. It’s me!


To The Management Team At Best Western Hotels:

I just wanted to take a moment to apologize for my destructive behavior this evening. I realize that you are promoting a “green environment”, one where you encourage your patrons to “protect the environment” and ask that your customers “conserve resources”. So my senseless destruction of precious toilet paper (a product harvested from renewable tree farms all across the Pacific Northwest, if I must nitpick here) runs counter to your entire corporate ethos.

On behalf of my family, I sincerely apologize for my instinctive senseless behavior. Please let me stay for the three remaining nights that we my Parents paid for.

6 thoughts on “An Open Apology To The Management At Best Western Hotels

  1. Message from Cody……Wow, you did a great job….that’s my favorite past time, toilet papers the best! You should really try napkins, they are another favorite. I have found a new delightful treat…..ash from the wood burning stove….Yumm, but my family yells at me if I even look at the stove… We have to meet. Sounds like we share common tastes……


  2. OK Kevin and Tori, I really need to comment on this story. Aunt Pat and I have been following Dash on his trip. We are really busy packing everything for 3/28 moving van pick up so we haven’t commented on your trip, TILL NOW.
    Our dogs liked to do the same with TP.
    All I can say is what I’m sure the hotel manager would say. “Thank God it wasn’t used TP”😱
    We hope you continued safe travels and lots of fun on the rest of your trip.
    By the way, we hope to arrive in Winchester Monday 4/4 so if you are in the area, STOP BY. I don’t think our furniture will arrive till the 7th or 8th so we may have to sit on the floor. 😂


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