My Dad Competed At Westminster Today!!

Hello. It’s me!

Well, the BIG news of the day is that my Dad (the pup who contributed half of the DNA that allows me to strip the bark off of a twig in just eleven seconds) competed today at Westminster in the long-haired doxie category. My human parents captured a pair of screen shots. Take a look at my sensational Dad.



You can see a recording of the show (click here) – Dad didn’t place, but my goodness, to actually compete at Westminster is something I can’t even aspire to think about.  Heck, I just fell off the side of a chair, to give you an idea of what I need to aspire to.

And if you click this link, you’ll see my Dad enjoying a tender moment with his handler.

Meanwhile, I’m currently enjoying a tender moment with a tissue that I am tearing to shreds.


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