How To Get A New Car Seat

Hello! It’s me.


Have you ever taken a car ride? There are many ways to do this. Comfortably seated in the front, secured with a seat belt is as popular a way to ride as any. Legally mandated, too. Crammed into a crate in the back seat, screaming and crying for five consecutive hours? That’s the way I used to roll.

Early in my screaming and crying jag, we stopped the car. These are always uncertain moments. Will I get to play at the dog park? Will I get to visit friends? Will somebody use a rectal thermometer on me again? These are the question that scroll across your mind, in a fashion similar to the ticker scrolling across the bottom of the screen on a cable news channel.

But on this day, here’s what happened.


That’s me on the right … and that’s my BROTHER on the left!!! Turns out that my Mom and brother Ruger came to see me!!

I greeted my Mom with unfettered enthusiasm!


I know, I’m growing up, don’t you think? I’m almost as big as my Mom already.


Maybe you were ripped away from your family at the tender age of ten weeks old. If so, you have in inking into the varied emotions that ripple through your slender frame at a moment like this. Emotions that fueled my manic screams from inside my crate for the next four hours, manic screams that resulted in a new car seat that I now enjoy on car rides.

Thank you, Mom, for the new car seat … #muchappreciated.

Next chore on my list … to get whatever I want via bad behavior resulting from losing many of my puppy teeth. #manipulationviapain




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