Marine Layer

Hello, it’s me!!


When you visit the Coastal Pacific Northwest, there’s the usual array of threats.

  1. Real.
  2. Perceived.
  3. Rusted Metals.
  4. Chupacabra.

There’s also the dreaded Marine Layer.


For the past several mornings we’ve been socked-in by the grey menace. As a consequence (or not), we’ve delayed our veritable plethora of visits to the afternoon hours.

On Friday we visited Peggy/Kurt … and while I didn’t take any pictures (likely because they have three dogs that were nothing but kind to me), I did get a snap of the coastal drive to their home.


By the way, Peggy makes a mean jalapeno popper … not that I got to sample ’em, but I hear they are tasty.

On Saturday Mom got to spend some time with island crafters.


I waited for Mom to get home with baited breath. When she arrived, it was dinner time, and we cobbled together a Charcuterie Board for dinner … and let’s just say I got to sample some salami & cheeses. Mmmmmmm!

On Sunday we visited Robin & Nancy. Oh, the skillz they possess!


Look at this one … a different color for the daily temperature, crafted during the course of a whole year!


And it’s not all crafting either … there’s the periodic deep-dive into ham radio operations.


I could barely leave the premises after the glowing review of hobbying efforts.


Later on Sunday I got a chance to see my friends Ken & Sue and their special guests, Joe & Amy!!!! What a stunning surprise to see the Arizona contingent a half-continent to the North!



That image is for Laurie.

When you visit somebody at their home, I hear it is common courtesy to bring food. I mean, the hosts are going out of their way to make your stay comfortable, so the least you can do is bring something tasty. I told Dad to step up his game.


Heck, I even thought this might be a nice touch, but somebody (everybody) vetoed the idea:


Missed opportunity, #amirite?

On Monday the Arizona contingent played pickleball with the locals. And while they had fun, the theme of the trip for me (at times) has been canine discrimination, and Roche Harbor didn’t disappoint.


Where do they want the dogs, on the flowers?

On Tuesday we visited my friend Anita (and Roger too) … guess what? They have a 10 week old pup named Maggie!!!!!


Let’s just say there were “moments of mayhem” as the young pup played, pounced, and even pinched my flesh with her ten-week old chompers. I honestly don’t think I’ve ever been “bitten in the bum” before, but there’s always a first time for everything I guess, and the nip was offered with the kindest of intentions. What a fun time!!!

Speaking of first times – I wasn’t chicken about this experience at all.


We’re getting ready for Day 7 on San Juan Island as I speak. I hear another puppy visit is scheduled, and we’re meeting friends for dinner tonight. With luck, the marine layer will burn off and I am eternally hopeful that the restaurant will serve up something good.



3 thoughts on “Marine Layer

  1. Sooooooooooooooooo great to see you – – you’re welcome ANY TIME to come be on my studio tables (dancing or not, either way)! Tell your mom she’s right about Linda Coleman displaying her Dear Jane quilt at the Fair! #ABSOLUTELY I want to see it, and so will everyone else. Hugs and scritches…


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