Woolen Heights

Hello. It’s me!!


As Sheryl Crow once said, “Every Day Is A Winding Road”. This afternoon certainly qualified. We made the drive from Pendleton up to Pullman/Moscow.


The featured overlook of the day was just north of Lewiston, ID / Clarkston, WA.



That’s the confluence of the Whitewater River and Snake River down there … a few thousand feet down there. Look at the curvy road that one can take down the mountain!!!

That’s what Dad thinks a good view looks like. For a refresher course, here’s what Mom thinks a good view looks like.


When I get out of the rig, here’s the view I get to enjoy.


Snakes and Dead People, my friends.

Snakes and Dead People, #amirite?

Dad called this his “favorite day” of the trip. He found the Palouse and GMO-altered 2-foot-high wheat fields to be everything he thought it would be, and more.

We even drove around Washington State University and the University of Idaho today.



I tried to attend a football game today, but as per usual, nobody was playing and dogs weren’t allowed anyway.


Earlier in the day Mom made a trip to Pendleton Woolen Mills. Needless to say, she was giddy with excitement.


I manned the RV while Mom & Dad took a tour of the facility. Apparently there used to be a thousand woolen mills … now there are five. But my goodness, the 60ish employees at this mill are kickin’ it, aren’t they?


Mom also made a handful of purchases. Turns out there is a store right out of the exit of the tour. Isn’t it funny that they’d put a store right at the exit of the tour? What a coincidence!!

Our day ended at a campground on the banks of the Snake River. We got to enjoy the sunset and we got to enjoy a history lesson regarding Lewis & Clark and their journey down the Snake River.


Tomorrow we back-track to Walla Walla, where we are told that food and ample grape-based beverages are available.

P.S.: Mom tried to visit the Nez Perce National Historical Park today, but was locked out because the park closed at 4:00pm. Turns out I was locked out as well.


P.P.S.:  What the ….?


P.P.P.S.:  What the ….?




3 thoughts on “Woolen Heights

  1. super, Super, SUPER like this post!!! Ooooh, brought back favorite memories from three trips to the Palouse, one of the 7 wonders of WA state (didja know???)! Last summer, Lunnette, my brother and his wife (from MN), and I spent 5 days exploring the area. I saw no photos of the Palouse Falls in this narrative (waaaa), but have many of my own from that overlook of the river convergence. Yeah, Crater Lake is nice, but I’ll take the 3-state Palouse any time. Lookin’ forward to seeing you while you are in another of the 7 wonders (soon!) 🙂


  2. I am loving your trip! Many happy years in Pullman at WSU. And took that windy road down into Lewiston many times (there was an all you can eat spaghetti place in Lewiston that my college buddies loved). I also love Crater Lake but when I went to see it in October of ’16, a blizzard obscured it except for 15 brief minutes. You are so lucky!


  3. An you hear my sighs?! Wow wow wow…what sights you are enjoying..and the Pendleton factory…I want some now! Could do without the reminder about venomous snakes…crikeys…the mere thought of seeing one gives hives!

    Enjoy the moments ❤️


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