And Away We Go!

Hello! It’s me!


That’s me … in “pensive mode”, #amirite?

And who could blame me? In about four hours we begin an RV trip to the Pacific Northwest. By sunset we’ll be in the luxurious confines of beautiful Pahrump, Nevada. This is an alternate route … Dad originally proposed taking US395 north from the Riverside area, but incessant earthquakes along the route required a change of course. Instead, we’ll skirt past Death Valley, hoping not to get our eyes pecked-out by buzzards #thoughtsandprayers

4 thoughts on “And Away We Go!

  1. Smart to avoid the earthquake zone, and thinking you might want to try a starlight drive through Death Valley so as to avoid buzzards and heat. Hoping to see you when you get far enough north!!!!! ❤


  2. Have a safe trip–no broken down van–I think mom and dad are sick of van problems. We are in the Tetons–cool and very green. We had 5. 4 point Bucks. just walked right through our campsite. Didn’t pay any attention to us. Dick got good pictures.
    We will be back to FH on July 28. I hope you will still be there. Auntie Janet


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