A New Friend!

Hello, it’s me!



When it is 110 degrees out and you’re finding a shady spot to do your duties, it gets a bit lonely.

Making matters worse today is that Grandma and Grandpa took their fancy new-old car back to Wisconsin, leaving me with fewer people to protect.


But the real kick in the belly happened yesterday, when I had to leave California and say goodbye to my new girlfriend … Stella!


Obviously Stella loved me after I told her I worked really hard to shave off a few pounds. She admired my determination fostered by a lack of access to food.

We spent a whole day together while attending the High School Graduation Party of my dear friend Julia and buddy Luke. Stella and I were (to be brutally honest) inseparable.


We had real conversations:

Dash: Wanna play?

Stella: Wanna play?

Dash:  I’ll play!

Stella:  I’ll play!

Dash:  I’ll use my girthy frame to push you.

Stella:  I’ll use my stealthy maneuverability to constantly nudge my nose into your ear.

Dash:  You mean whisper sweet nothings into my ear?

Stella:  What?

Dash:  Too soon, #amirite?

Stella:  Wanna play?

Dash:  I’ll play!

Stella:  I’m exhausted.

Dash:  Let’s lie down for awhile.

Stella:  Ok.

Dash:  I’m bored.

Stella:  Me too.

Dash:  Wanna play?

Stella:  I’ll play!

Dash:  Good!

And so it went with my dear friend Stella!

Without Grandma and Grandpa and Julia and Luke and Stella to warm my heart, I was left to defend the homestead. And defend the homestead I did!


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