A Long, Lonely Week

Hello … it’s me.


It’s been a long, lonely week. Mom is in Houston at the Intergalatic Quilt show. She’s taking in all the sights and sounds …


I guess she’s there because 50,000 people are looking at her quilt. Whatevs.

I’m sitting here like a fool, waiting for Mom to come home. She left on Sunday. I asked Dad on Tuesday … “Is Mom coming home today?” He said no.


About twenty seconds later I reiterated my query. Again, I was told “no”.


I woke up Wednesday brimming with hope … only to have my hopes dashed (see what I did there?) … I tried to laugh it off …


On Thursday we went for a golf cart ride … I asked Dad if we were driving to the airport to pick up Mom … Dad said “no”.


When we got back from my ride I sat outside in the back yard, lamenting my circumstances.


Only the dulcet tones of the braking system of a UPS truck could take my attention off of my Mom.


On Thursday night I heard a car pull up in the driveway …


I was both thrilled and flabbergasted when I found out that Mom didn’t drive up but instead it was my friend Rob from California.

I spent most of Friday doting over my friend, following him wherever he went (until he, too, left me for a period of time). I made sure I let him know how I felt about having him leave me for a few hours.


Dad tells me that Mom is coming home tomorrow. I sure hope so. It’s been a long, lonely week, #amirite?

4 thoughts on “A Long, Lonely Week

  1. Indeed, you are right…. a l-o-o-o-o-o-o-n-g lonely week, for sure. Think of me though, I hardly ever get to see her. Oh, by the way, I love the blue dog quilt. Have a beautiful day tomorrow 🙂


  2. Yo Dash,

    Although Mom is gallivanting around Texas at Quilt shows, you can be sure that she’s longing for your company too. Hang in there!
    By the by, do we detect a “sleeker” appearance to your cuddly self? Way to go!



  3. You poor baby!!! I guess mom is the glue in your family who keeps things together. I am at a Guild 4 day retreat in Bellingham. Everyone says to say “hello” to mom. Barb Snider just walked in the door and told us many wonderful things about Houston.
    Hang in there–mom will be home soon. Auntie Janet( P.S. Did Dad spoil you a lot?)


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