Where, Oh Where Can It Be?

Hello! It’s me!


It’s bad enough my daily dining opportunities have been cut by about 50% causing me to drink 2x as much water as normal to keep my belly full (and causing me to have to go outside to potty 4x as much to keep my bladder empty, #amirite) … but look at what is hiding behind that black container that I’d like to get my teeth on … a sweet, succulent veggie bone … yes, I’m now at the stage where I’m craving veggie bones.

These are challenging times …

3 thoughts on “Where, Oh Where Can It Be?

  1. The vet must have put her foot down about your weight–but boy! cut by 50%. You will be so svelte. I thought you would be leaving on a Fall Camping trip by now.
    We have beautiful Fall days right now–it got to 72 degrees in Seattle. No rain! Take care. Auntie Janet


  2. Wow, Dash I am shortly going to know how you feel. Just coming back from vacation and I will have to cut my eating by more than 50%……:-(.. I guess I will have to buy more carrots and celery to snack on, huh?


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