When September Ends

Hello. It’s me!!


That’s me at the vet. Needless to say I wasn’t thrilled with the examination. Why is everybody fascinated with placing their hands on my neck?


Did she fix my bum? Absolutely. Did she put me on a diet? Yes. Said I was overweight. I guess I can’t eat any of these anymore.


We all deserve a little deep-fried pork fat in our lives, #amirite?

The vet says I could keep up with Frank if I were lighter. She said I’d have a better chance of getting to Dad’s leg first so that Dad isn’t spending quality time with Frank.


She says if I moved my body and didn’t take public transportation I’d be more fit. I’d like to remind her that it has been 105 degrees or warmer for the past four months.


She says I need to incorporate more fruit into my diet.


September is ending … and next week the remnants of Hurricane Rosa will push summer out the door, ushering in temperatures that are at least 15 degrees cooler than they have been. I’m hopeful that when September ends the body shaming ends with it, because I’m hungry!!!

5 thoughts on “When September Ends

  1. You poor baby!!!! Everything seems against you—-maybe cucumbers and carrots are in your future. Did you ask what your BMI was? Hang in there good buddy. (celery sticks???) Auntie Janet


  2. Me too, Dash… often hungry, I mean. If misery loves company, then you are among many when it comes to not getting to eat everything you want every time you want it. Character building???


  3. Poor Dash, I understand your angst at this dieting idea. As it turns out, wine is not a good fruit replacement for us. Darn. I have been walking in our Pacific Northwest weather and guess I will have to go cheese less/wineless for a while;two of my favorite food groups, in order to keep up better with my fellow walkers. Hang in there daring Dash, I’m with you in my thoughts. Auntie L


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