It’s Hard To Find A New Threat, But Leave It To Me To Potentially Identify A New One!

Hello. It’s me!


There’s been a lot of sittin’ in the rig the past few days. At least today I got my paws on the ground a few times, and lemme tell ya, I may have stumbled across a NEW THREAT. Now, we’re going to have to give this some rigorous thought, because you don’t just add a threat to the four pillars of threats you already know and love …

  1. Real.
  2. Perceived.
  3. Rusted Metals.
  4. Chupacabra.

Remember, a threat could be REAL, and if it is, then it isn’t necessarily a new threat. A threat could be PERCEIVED, and if it is, then it isn’t a threat at all, now is it? And don’t even get me started on CHUPACABRA.

We launch our trip today amid cloudy, foggy skies. Dad set the tone early, with a musical accompaniment courtesy of the Bee Gees.


We stopped for gas … and of course I spied a threat … RUSTED METAL.


So let’s just say I was on edge, assessing threats all day.

Cloudy skies turned to rainy skies. It’s June 12, but it is still cool in the Northlands. Fortunately, Wisconsin welcomed us back with open arms.


Halfway to our destination, we stopped so Mom could earn a well-deserved stamp courtesy of our Federal Government. I held down the fort … again … threats, #amirite?


Then things got interesting.

We decided to visit a friend from Seattle. He bought a resort and is refurbishing everything … just in time for guests this weekend.


I’m thinking to myself “I’d stay here!”.

But then, we took a walk. And during this walk, I started to sense that things were strange. I decided to sink my teeth into the topic.


We investigated a boat landing.


And while investigating said boat landing, I walked out on to the pier … that’s where I noticed what may well be a newly classified threat.


Yup … that mustard-like mixture floating in a fresh lake is POLLEN.

I know, I know, you can make a solid case that POLLEN is a REAL threat. And you can make a pretty solid case that POLLEN is a PERCEIVED threat. I guess I’m asking you to weigh in on the subject … leave a comment … should POLLEN be …

  1. A Real Threat, and therefore is not classified.
  2. A Perceived Threat, and therefore is not classified.
  3. A New Threat, not altogether different from a Chupacabra or Rusted Metals.

Dad should have taken a video of me as I engaged with the pollen … I kinda looked like I was doing the Cha-Cha while assessing the threat.

From there the day devolved into an orgy of caloric consumption that might only be eclipsed by Joey Chestnut. Mom and Dad (who both skipped lunch in order to enjoy the meal) visited McGregor’s Blink Bonnie (for your homework assignment, please visit my entry from late May 2016 and you’ll see we’ve been here before).

A sampling of the gluttony …

Praise be to #Jesus for enabling Dad to curb his consumption at 4,194 calories … allowing me to sup on five tiny pieces of Ribeye!

We set up camp for the evening in Woodruff … tomorrow we move on toward Eau Claire.


Did you notice the pup hiding under “Montana”? I think the pup was afraid of POLLEN.

Again, weigh in via the comments section … how should POLLEN be viewed (and no Jive Talkin’ here, be honest)?

  1. A Real Threat.
  2. A Perceived Threat.
  3. A New Threat.

6 thoughts on “It’s Hard To Find A New Threat, But Leave It To Me To Potentially Identify A New One!

  1. Well, since pollen isn’t exactly solid, at least not like rusty metal, and especially doesn’t seem solid when it’s floating on fresh lake water, one can’t really call it a solid real threat or a solid perceived threat. One could call it a new threat, at least once a year when it is around. One could also wonder if pollen in other places would be a real threat or not a threat at all. For example, a month or so ago, my car was covered in pollen, changing even the color of the car and impeding vision on the windshield until washed or wipered off. That was definitely a threat in my mind, although not new, as it happens every year. Going in semantic circles is becoming a threat to me. Therefore, you’ll have to wait until others weigh in on the issue. Adieu for now.


  2. Yo Dash,

    Let’s back up a little here. Do you know what/why POLLEN has been provided by Ma Nature? Does the word “SEX” come to mind? #OMG Ya see, there are certain things that Birds & Bees do under the guise of “pollination” that usually isn’t discussed in polite company. However “Real” that subject is, or how that activity is “Perceived”, it also cannot be classified as a “New” threat either.
    “Pollination” has been going on since the time of The Garden of Eden. Pardon our French here, but without a stud and a bitch pollinating in your background, Dash the Pup wouldn’t be around. So maybe “pollen” isn’t a “threat” after all ’cause without pollination, ‘ain’t NONE of us would’ve been here. It’s no wonder why you giggled and wiggled whilst observing “pollen” for the first time, even though you aren’t able to partake in the joys of pollination yourself. #darnvet



  3. Wow! For me–pollen is a REAL Threat—-why? Because I am allergic to a lot of pollen—headache–watery eyes. Ocean Spray is blooming now–Achoo! Auntie Janet


  4. Pollen and Pools–The Good, Bad, and Ugly for Spring 2017
    Submitted by BerryFamilyPools on Fri, 03/03/2017 – 19:04
    Pine Pollen!
    A burst of pine pollenIt coats every available surface in thick yellow dust.

    Wash it off your car—and it will be back tomorrow.

    And it’s an extra special treat for pool owners. Sheila at Berry Family Pools calls it “free algae from the sky.”

    But before your eyes get so itchy you can’t read for three weeks, here are a few interesting pollen facts you might want to know.

    1. You can blame it on the males!
    Yep, that’s right. Pine pollen comes from the male pinecone. It’s nature’s very overt way of (ahem) making sure lots of new little pine trees sprout. Nuff said about that.

    2. You’re probably not allergic to it.
    Really! Many allergy doctors insist that comparatively few people are actually allergic to pine pollen. Pine pollen is heavy, so it falls quickly to the ground, spending less time airborne. Also, its weight and waxy coating make it less likely to penetrate respiratory membranes.

    So, Dash, if you find yourself in Longview, TX, Berry Family Pools is located off road between Moberly Baptist Church and Big Papa’s Liquor, a place located between businesses bent on lifting up spirits contemplating the threats of pollen.


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