Sunny Sun Sun!

Hello! It’s me.


Oh, I know, the coal people aren’t going to be happy with me. But with the amount of Vitamin D we have pouring down from the sky, it would be foolhardy to squander it on nothing more than downstream skin cancer issues, #amirite?

So I told Mom and Dad to put up solar panels, ASAP. Dad said it would cost a lot of cheddar. I told Dad I’d be willing to forego one chewie a week. Next thing you know, we have solar panels.


Extra credit if you can find me in the picture.

Moments later, I had to chase this little critter out of the back yard – because bunnies attract the dreaded Chupacabra and nobody wants a dreaded Chupacabra in their back yard.


I told Dad that something has to be done about the back yard. Dad says we’ll break ground on a Casita, Pool, and Putting Green in less than two weeks … he asked me if that was an acceptable solution. Heck ya!

Just think what else I could manipulate my Dad into if I really wanted to?

4 thoughts on “Sunny Sun Sun!

  1. You are looking good Dashie–must be all that sunshine. My friends here on the island put up solar panels and are now selling electricity back to OPALCO. Yea for the environment. I always knew that you were an environmentally friendly dog.
    I saw that you said the groundbreaking was for the casita, pool and putting green–what about your potty field? That should be your next crusade.
    We had 84 degrees yesterday–glorious and now it is raining–but 63 degrees. I can hear all of my plants sighing —- it is really quite noisy–they are so excited.
    Take care good buddy. Auntie Janet


  2. Love your solar panels! Hey, and thanks for giving up one chewie per week in support of the project. More improvements on the way! You’re heading into the best time to live in AZ, just as we’re heading into windy, driving rain days. I understand being a snow bird if one can afford it! Too bad about bunnies attracting the dreaded Chupacabra… y’ never know, such a cute furry thing could turn into a friend. Just sayin’…


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