Hello! It’s me.


Yup, it’s a hot one … day after day after day.


I mean, there’s nothing wrong with it being 111 degrees at 2:41 in the afternoon, #amirite? You just boil a little bit … and the plus side of the equation means that you get to go on a lot of golf cart rides.



I like to monitor the situation when we go on golf cart rides. In this image, I’m in “stealth mode”.


Did you see what was lurking in the ravine?


That coyote is really a crazy clown!

I do spent a lot of time hanging out by the front door these days, tearing up towels … waiting for my friend next door (Ligen – a 10 year old Westie) to return. I saw her walk by today, so tomorrow could be a fun day for a #meetup! I’ll be monitoring the situation, k?


4 thoughts on “Monitoring

  1. Even considering the dryness….too hot for Tilly or me….but it has most obviously brought you all happiness and we are all happy for that! We will always miss you and parents Dashie.šŸ¾ā¤ļøšŸ¾


  2. Watch out for that coyote–they aren’t know as “the trickster” for nothing.
    It is 71 degrees and sunny here today. Think I will sit out on the front deck–watch the birds at the feeder , read a book and maybe enjoy a mint julep ( wish I knew what that was–but they always talk about mint juleps when they talk about leisure time–I will have to explore that one). Take care Dash–don’t fall off the golf cart looking for Wendy. Auntie Janet


  3. Yo Dash,
    Pretty cool golf cart. Don’t see any clubs however rolled up in those towels or yoga mats or whatever they are. Are there doggie seat belts on that conveyance? Knowing how “some people” drive we don’t want to see you with any “Harley rash”.
    That skinny clown coyote could be added to your growing list of “threats” #amirite. While maybe no danger like a chucacabra, they can be pretty sneaky just like that ol “Sneaky Snake” that’ll drink up all your root beer.


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