Open The Door … And Lemme In

Hello. It’s me!!


That’s from my BHF (Best Human Friend) Katie – it’s really satisfying when a large provider of satellite music plays a relevant song from the 70s, #amirite?

The six presets say something too. All aboard!!!

Anyway, a few days ago we picked up Mom and she let me sit on her lap while we floated on two different ferries that took us home.


After about twenty-seven hours of travel and two ferries and four traffic jams and a bunch of podcasts that I’d prefer we didn’t listen to (mostly because if we’re gonna listen to a podcast it should be DogCast Radio … yes it exists, #subscribeviaitunes), we arrived at our front door. And I’m like … “open the door, and lemme in!!”


Once Mom opened the door, it was off to the dining room table … how ’bout some din-din Pops?!


After being properly supped, I wanted to see a dear friend, a neighbor. When we were here in December we spent some quality time surveying the landscape.


Today my friend Zoey ran down the steps and bolted straight into the house. And who could blame her? I was like a pot of gold at the end of a canine rainbow.


Doesn’t 54 degrees and rainshowers look absolutely … well … hmmm … um … ugh?

We spent a few minutes catchin’ up. Why are you pottying on that plant? Have you seen Wendy? What is wrong with your tongue?


And then as soon as Zoey was here, she was gone.

But not forgotten.

I’m vigilant if I may be so bold. Should Zoey bolt back down the stairs and arrive full of vim and vigor at the front door, I’ll be ready. I’ll open the door … and I will let her in!



8 thoughts on “Open The Door … And Lemme In

  1. Yo Dash,
    So glad that y’all arrived safe & sound back at your own “Pot O’ Gold”. Fifty four degrees & sprinkles probably never felt so good. Doubt if you’ll see too many rainbows although seeing Zoey again must’ve been an “overarching” delight. Enjoy your Summer and may you find that heart throb Wendy just once before you head South again.
    Hugs & kisses.


  2. Welcome back to??? semi-warm, rainy, overcast weather. Notice that 59 degrees is considered warm. Looking forward to seeing your mom maybe at Wed Night quilting. Auntie Janet


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