True or False?

Hello! It’s me!!


These are the “salad days, as they say” (click here). Well, if the phrase is good enough for the Cohen Brothers classic (Raising Arizona) from the late 1980s, then the phrase is good enough for me.

You’ll be happy to know I visited the vet today. I immediately began searching for a way out.


Mom wasn’t having any of it. I listened while she prepped me for shots.


And then I considered abandoning the appointment anew.


The best part of the appointment? Two things.

  • My dislocating rear knees aren’t as bad as previously thought – though they were “a-poppin'” during the exam, I don’t have any of the limping problems I was having last fall. In fact, the vet told me to “get more exercise”. There’s nothing wrong with chuggin’ through the neighborhood on a crisp 50 degree morning, #amirite?
  • I lost another 0.6 pounds, and am down 0.8 pounds since Christmas. I’m a lean, mean, snugglin’ machine.

With a vet visit behind me, it’s time for a little bit of True or False?

True or False … I’m losing weight because my friends are serving me drill bits instead of food.


True or False … I get a 1/3rd vote on all matters concerning a possible new backyard “Casita”?


True or False … Cupcakes are an integral part of any credible weight-loss plan.


True or False … Happy Hour leads to Sleepy Hour.


True or False … I have the upper hand in this situation at the dog park, based on the position of my right rear leg …


True or False … I could puncture the plastic container with my incisors in under eight seconds and guzzle an entire gallon of thirst-quenching ice water on a hot day.



7 thoughts on “True or False?

  1. Except for the drill bit nonsense, they’re all true!

    Enjoy that sweltering 50 degree morning walk, Dash. Oh yeah… Don’t even think about how you are totally missing invigorating walks in 3″ of snow at 27 degrees. Don’t even imagine how lovely it is here with huge snowflakes drifting down all around you as you walk. Yep, it’s truly a winter wonder land right now, although the drivers in down down feel that way about it at all as they slip-slide-ooopsie-doodle their way sloooooooooooooooooooooooooooooowly through down town FH.


  2. Yo Dash,

    True or False? Are you or are you not THE most spoiled Badgerdog in area 46B of Pebble Creek Phase Two? We are bettin’ on TRUE!
    Oh, tell your folks that before they expect you to vote on a Casita, maybe some playground equipment for you to explore in the back yard should come first. #amirite



  3. I guess you moved into your new casita??? Looks lovely. woke up today ( tues) to about 3 inches of snow. It is beautiful!!!
    Congrats on the weight loss–cut down on the margaritas and hot dogs and you should be O.K. We had a Sewcial on Saturday and we raised a fork full of lettuce to your mom. Only 13 of us but we had fun–you know–talk–talk–sew a little–eat–talk–talk–sew a little. Take care–we miss you. Auntie Janet


  4. Good to see you are settling in nicely. My vote for you Casita – pool with wet bar and a spa! And, of course, a playground for you. Congrats on the weight loss – warm weather must agree with you. Hugs to you and your folks. PS – Eat the cupcake – life is too short not to.


  5. In answer to your questions: F, F, F, T, F, T. Congrats on the weight loss and improved patellar tendons. Had my shots this last week as well – fought the vet like a marlin on that awful bordetella thing up the nose. Oh also, mom tried one of those calupacabra things – so dangerous. She had Montezuma’s revenge for 24 hours.


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