Facts At The Dog Park

Hello! It’s me!!


I know, one could zoom in on that image. But if you do that, I will not look like a blur of speed on my way to lick your bare toes – I’ll just look like a blur.

Today was a big day at the dog park. The dog park is like Facebook for canines – we discuss the popular topics of the day, and in predictable fashion, we learn that we are a species divided. But not at first – at first, we explored our commonalities.


Then the Shetland Sheepdog says something about there being more dogs at the dog park today than at any time in history. She says this is the biggest crowd ever. Well, that started a whole rhubarb, lemme tell you.

I asked the Shetland Sheepdog what “proof”, what “facts” she had to issue her claim? Turns out she had the temerity to tell me that she was using “alternate facts” and told me that we won’t always agree on the facts. She thought my argument was sad.


Some of the attendees defended the Shetland Sheepdog, putting me on the defensive. They told me that their side “won” the argument. And by looking at this picture, it is clear that these two “won” the argument.


Soon enough, of course, I found an audience that saw the world the way I saw the world. We thrived in a corner of the park where our facts were the right facts, where we agreed that the Shetland Sheepdog was misleading everybody. When one of us spoke, the others enthusiastically agreed with our thesis. We were right, and the other side was wrong. We had facts on our side! Just look around – you can compare pictures to other days at the dog park and see that this isn’t the biggest day ever.


Of course, you cannot spend your life inside your own bubble, only agreeing with like-minded individuals. Eventually, you have to venture over to the other side of the dog park and interact with those who have differing viewpoints. Which we did.


And we learned that we weren’t so different after all.

We learned that we all had something in common.


What do we all have in common?

We are all on the lookout for the dreaded Chupacabra, #amirite?

As long as the Chupacabra is still out there, I think we’ll be alright. The Chupacabra unites us in our quest for liberty … or treats … or whatever.

6 thoughts on “Facts At The Dog Park

  1. Oh dear me, this just cracks me up… people (certain people) with their alternative facts, and now dogs… what next? The whole world, even the fish and the ants with alternative facts? What then, would there be all kinds of different facts… real, alternative, false, weird, wishful, calm, downrightcrazy facts, and more and more? What would that be like? See what you did, Dash? You got me thinking. Uh oh, not such at good idea at 11 pm. And then there is TDC to consider… not going there right now, but you might be right about uniting us in the quest for liberty (or treats), which would be a good thing. #amirite?


  2. hooray for the photos and commentary-especially on “alternative facts.” good for you. Have fun and thank you for making me smile. I am not doing much of that lately. Diane >


  3. Yikes! Once again you are so political astute. Alternative facts–sheesh! Good thing we have you on the canine front to keep things honest. You would have been proud to be here during the Women’s March last Saturday. there were over 1,500 of us–yes–canines came. Great signs–good vibes. We miss you Dash! Keep the faith!!!!


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