Hello! It’s me.


What do you see in front of the fireplace?

Yes, that’s a bowl of food.

I haven’t eaten more than a couple pieces of carrot today – it’s a protest against the endless pelletalization of my diet. Same food, every day. So it doesn’t matter where Dad puts the food, he can glue it to my foot, I’m not interested in it today.

Shhhhhhh …. lean in here for a second …. if somebody has access to an ample serving of nachos, please let me know. I saw Dad eating them earlier, and there couldn’t be anything better than fake nacho cheese sauce drizzled over oily corn chips, #amirite?

A parting thought … my friend Kate sent this lovely little piece of art. I thought y’all might appreciate it. If I had to pick a pup out of the image that best represented me, I’d be the one standing up on the lower left … begging … for human food.


2 thoughts on “Protest

  1. Maybe a scrap or two of shredded cheese mixed in with the pellets would help? Maybe one day a half tsp of shredded cheese, another day a bit of grated carrot, and the next something else? Would you just pick it out and continue to boycott the pellets? Yeah, I ‘spose you would…. It’s tough being a dog, eh?


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