Hello! It’s me.


Sometimes when I walk, I have a purpose, a mission, a reason for being. I’m busy assessing threats or looking to lick up bird droppings, that kind of thing.

Then there are days like today.

For instance, this plant sure looks a lot like cilantro, #amirite?


Cilantro makes me think of guacamole, and guacamole makes me think about avocados, and avocados make me think about mmmmmmmmm avocados!

Unfortunately, if you keep daydreaming about cilantro you are bound to run your schnozzle into a sharp thorn.




Then I see paw prints … Wendy … Wendy??


I dream of playing mixed doubles … Wendy and Dash against the fabled Chubacabra and a smelly, nasty Yeti. Final score … six-love, six-love.


Daydreaming leads to real dreaming …


… dreaming of sharing a generous sampling of avocado slices with Wendy.

2 thoughts on “Daydreaming

  1. Sleeping and dreaming. I’m with you little bro. Mom got us up at 4:30AM all weekend long to head for the dog show in Monroe. I’m still recovering. Go avocados!


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