Odd Circumstances

Hello! It’s me.


I’ve got no idea what is going on. Mom and Dad are somehow able to write blog posts on an airplane on an iPhone, Grandma and Carol are thoroughly entertaining me, and the press is telling me that the worst windstorm in history was nothing more than a teeny puff but the storm that came on Friday was never supposed to happen and yet spawned tornadoes and more severe weather alerts than in the past 21 years combined.




It is like a witch rode in on a broom and turned everything upside down!

As long as the witch keeps the kibble coming, I am amenable … so long as the witch isn’t truly a CHUPACABRA!!!

3 thoughts on “Odd Circumstances

  1. Yo Dash,

    While your folks are away in the Czech Republic, don’t expect to get all the kibble & bits that you want. That G’Ma Benz is no pushover when it comes to “Treats”. That is unless, a “Trick” might be performed earning you a little sumpin’ extra. Glad you weathered the “storm”.


  2. Glad you’re hanging in there little bro. Mom and dad had me out in that crap at a field trial yesterday. I can’t even tell you how wet I got, but hey, it didn’t impair my tracking skills.

    Love ya,


  3. Dash
    We were off island on Friday…windy but not too bad. Last night? Nada. Zip. Zero. I cannot wait to hear about your mom and dads travels!


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