Hello. It’s me.


That’s the kind of look that used to garner me a handful of precisely cut-and-cubed string cheese.

You remember that story about Pavlov’s Dog? Well, we’re all trained in one way or another. I trained my Dad to believe that I’d never eat regular dog food – my Dad trained me to believe that I’d be fed a sampling of human foods that I had the option to frequently reject.

It’s a mind game that up until last Thursday I was #winning.

Now I’m served a chunky assemblage of dry meat and grain shavings, formed into a collection of unappetizing pebbles.


How do you like the four strays at the bottom of the image? I mean, presentation matters amirite?

Not that I was ever going to eat the pebbles out of the bowl. Or Dad’s hand. So far, Mom has to put ’em in her hand. Her hands are nice, creamy, soft … they make for a fine dining experience. Dad’s hands taste like a combination of plastic laptop keyboard and utilitarian hand soap. #notappetizing.

Last night marked hour ninety-six of this miserable diet. I commemorated the anniversary by howling in the pantry.


What was I looking for?


No, not the quinoa … the Special-K bars!! Of course, I cannot sup on chocolate, but that’s not what this is all about, is it? This is all about unfettered access to anything readily available to Mom and Dad. And so far, they’ve held firm, something I didn’t expect.

But I have time on my side, my friends. Time. The gears of time will work in my favor, and will eliminate my self-imposed hunger pangs via the foods I prefer to sample.




4 thoughts on “Pangs

  1. We went through the same things with Lucy, our Boston Terrier. She would not eat and we would put treats on her food to get her to eat it. We actually sat on the floor and hand fed her. That was to prevent her from getting attention by being naughty; barking or chewing on pens or anything else she could find that would make us jump up. We would offer her a treat to get her to drop it and not swallow something that would hurt her.

    Then the vet scolded us and said she had to loose weight. No more treats for being naughty, just scolding with a stern voice. (Poor girl….). Breakfast was put out and if she didn’t eat it, there was nothing else offered till dinner.

    Guess what! She eats breakfast and gobbles dinner. We measure her food and she eats it all; by herself.

    She has lost a pound in a month. The vet said that’s like 10 to 15 for a human!

    She had us trained but now she is just a god normal dog. We had to retrain ourselves.

    Hang in there, you can do it!


  2. I love my kibbles, little bro. And granny Mitzi’s kibbles and autie Cedar and Elektra’s kibbles. I like mine with a bit of water on it or sometimes no salt, low fat beef broth. As “they” say, “This too shall pass.” See you this weekend buddy.


  3. Yeah, I agree with rugermeister, I love my kibbles and Mom only puts water on mine. Sometimes I get lucky and she adds the chopped up roasted salmon skin to my kibble……Yummy,
    Hang in there Dash……..TC “Taste of Candy”


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