A Mixed Bag

Hello. It’s ME!!!


No, there weren’t any emergencies today. Just a bit of exploration of the expansive village known to the locals as “Chelan”, a prior home to a tribe of the Wenatchi dialect of the Salish Indians (who, anecdotally, called the lake “deep water” or “tsillan” … I’ll take Salish Indians for $400 Alex).

But I digress.

I’ve been told that this is the “Summer of Simple Hacks”.


But the reality is Dad had to stop at Wal-Mart to purchase a $9 jacket to replace the one he forgot to bring with us. No more purple tie-dyed sweatshirt to appall the locals.

After our visit to Wal-Mart, it was on to a local drive-in, where they were serving hot dogs!


Following our warm greeting, the doxie showed me her nine-year-old teeth, and the embrace ended shortly thereafter. You always have to know when you have overstayed your welcome.

Mom procured products at a local mercantile.


After walking every street downtown, I nixed a potential sip of water.


I waited for Mom to return.


As always Mom returned … we went back to the campground for dinner … tenderloin tips, caesar salad, and some freshly caught trout courtesy of fellow campers.


Then, I waited for fraternization to end, so that I could go to sleep.


Today, we head East … potentially to Idaho, which would be my seventh state while working just my eighth month of life.

I hate to cut our visit short, but the engines are fired, and we’re on our way!!

2 thoughts on “A Mixed Bag

  1. Dash, it was so much fun to meet you in person this week. You are adorable and very well behaved for a young pup. Safe travel wishes to you and your Mom and Dad. I will be anxiously waiting for your future postings. You are a natural author, keep it up.


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