A Hundred Thousand Tiny Steps

Hello! It’s me!


Look, I don’t know what the heck I’m doing there. But it was fun to bunny hop my way into the mess. More on bunnies later in the program.

Last weekend, we toured Lopez Island. This, which some call the “Land of Enchantment” and others call “The Place Where All Drivers Wave At You”, was a destination full of vim and vigor.

At first, I was indifferent when Dad said “Do you want to go to Lopez Island?”


But then we arrived via ferry.


Now this is a true story. Dad said on Friday that we walked more than 12,000 steps. Well, if Dad walked 12,000 steps, then I walked a minimum of 24,000 steps! And my steps are small, so I am going with the moderately embellished fact that I walked more than 100,000 steps on Friday.


We searched for the best hiking destination.


We followed tourists …


We identified canine companions …


… and we pursued canine companions!


But the best part of the vacation was this part … please visit the website if you cannot see the video via email.

I mean,is that sheer heaven right there or what? I get it, that was no cuniculus I was chasing, but I’ll play with a speedy rabbit any day of the week – and for a half hour on a Friday!!

So you take a hundred thousand steps and you chase a couple dozen rabbits for a half-hour, and you wear down.


And then finally, you crumble to the ground.


Mom tells me that we’re heading east for a month. East as in a few miles away, or East as in 2,000 miles away? Sounds like the latter. #OhBoy!









5 thoughts on “A Hundred Thousand Tiny Steps

  1. Tally ho! You will love the field trials when you come out. Glad you had so much fun. BTW, mom says you got slipper feet. You should stop by for some grooming before you hit the road.

    Love you little brother,


  2. #OhBoy… yep, back in the saddle and Eastward Ho. Have a blast Dash… but don’t expect rabbit heaven like you have close to home. Be sure to get Dad to post often šŸ™‚ !


  3. Yo Dash

    Had that bunny been “Foxie” at the Greyhound track, you would’ov come in First.

    By the by however, isn’t anyone teaching you to “heel” along with other companionship and courteous behaviors? Maybe your next post can demonstrate what a wonderfully talented pooch you really are. Sit! Stay! Good boy!


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