While Dad Was Away …

Hello. It’s me!


So Dad takes a business trip for a few days, leaving Mom and I to fend for ourselves with friends.

I don’t know about you, but when I stay with friends, I like to help out. Dusting, for instance, is an underrated job … one well worth a pup’s time (visit the website to see the video if you cannot see it via email).

Apparently, our friends like to travel places via golf cart. I am a big proponent of this form of eco-friendly transportation (again, visit the website if you cannot see this via email).

After the exhaustion of a harrowing golf cart ride across a relaxing retirement community, I chilled to the dulcet tones of 80s music and propane-infused fire.


Up next – I’ll share the deets about our trip home … we arrived at home early this evening … and it started raining an hour later … typical.

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