Spring Training!

Hello. It’s me!!


Here’s the thorny subject of the pending spring season. Can I, a lovable but otherwise intensely young pup take an RV trip to Arizona?

In the Major Leagues, players prepare for an arduous season by participating in Spring Training. For six weeks, they practice, they play practice games, and by the time April 1 arrives, the Seattle Mariners are ready to endure a 13th consecutive season 15th consecutive season without a playoff appearance.

So this week, Mom and Dad took me on a pair of “practice trips”, designed to see if I had what it takes to make the 1,470 mile trek down South.

The first test was the “can Dash see outside the window from a car seat test.” I passed this test with flying colors.


The test I failed to pass was the “can Dash sit in his car seat quietly test.” No. Lots of screaming. Crying. Amplified screaming, too.

The next test was the “can Dash sit patiently between Mom and Dad and act like a spoiled brat test”. Yup, can do that!!


Next up was an outdoor walking test. Was I chicken?


I passed this test as well. In fact, I walked all across the East side suburbs of Seattle, logging close to 6.7 miles on my tiny feet. My dogs were barkin’, if you know what I mean!

The next test was a critical test to pass … it is the “can Dash eat a savory doughnut while sitting between Mom and Dad” test.


Turns out I could do that all day long.

Finally, I had to pass the “can Dash take a two hour nap while hurtling through Oregon at 70mph test”. I’ll let you be the judge:


There Is Your Dagger” … as a certain Green Bay Packers radio announcer says when the Packers have wrapped up yet another victory … I passed the test! I made it through Spring Training.

At some point in the next two weeks, I will prepare for the adventure of a lifetime … my four month lifetime!

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