Settling Into A Routine

Hello. It’s me!


I don’t know about you, but there’s really nothing better than chillin’ next to a hot fire.

I assume that all pups have ample access to propane generated warmth.

Routine is important. Mom and Dad have a daily routine called “making dinner”. I like to help. You never know when Mom will drop cabbage on the floor. You never know when Dad will accidentally flip a pan-fried portion of cod over his head, either.


Of course, the odds of a piece of pan-fried portion of cod falling on the floor are low, leaving me disappointed.


The last ten days have been fun. Workers have been installing beds on the north side of the house. I have had numerous opportunities to inspect their work. I’ll leave you with a video of a recent inspection. Stay tuned for more updates … I had a couple of adventures last week that must be shared!


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