El Nino

Hello. It’s me!


El Nino is the weather pattern that is bringing rain to California. It also means “the boy”. ‘Nuff said!

I like to bookend my day with moments of tranquil relaxation.

But that meaty, mid-section of every day? Ohhhhhh boy.

Take yesterday, for example. Dad is holding me on his left leg. He’s taking a work call on the phone with his right hand. And then, a worker waves outside the window. Given that we’re having an El Nino winter (although November and December were the wettest months I can remember in my entire life) where it is nice and dry, why not do some landscaping?!

Landscaper:  Do you mind if we fire up the chain saw at 9:00am?

Dad: Sure, let ‘er rip!

Landscaper: Thanks!

Dad sets me down in my pen, and continues his phone call.

The Landscaper fires up the chain saw.

I immediately fire up my bladder.

Dad notices bladder issues in the pen while on the phone.

So that was it for yesterday’s “clean sheet”. Dad gives me credit for a clean sheet every day when I meet my potty training expectations. He got the term from the English Premier League. He treats me like the goalkeeper at Aston Villa, given that I’ve only had one clean sheet in nine days.

Immediately after the great chain saw incident of 2016, I was back in Dad’s arms.


The conversation changed this morning.

Landscaper: Do you mind if I fire up the jack hammer at 9:00am?

Dad: Of course, let ‘er rip!

This time, no problems whatsoever. I’m a quick learner. And even though a sea plane terrified me while helping Dad take down Christmas lights this afternoon, I like to think the phrase “It Gets Better” applies to me, too.

And it does get better. There’s a lot of stuff to explore, like Christmas decorations.


Mom even did laundry yesterday. Mom asked me to check out a load of wet clothes she pulled out of the washing machine. I decided to pull a pair of Dad’s underwear out of the laundry basket. (click on the picture if you cannot see the video and you’ll be taken to the website).

It may be a drier-than-average January here in El Nino country … but the pair of underwear I dragged around the house was wetter-than-average, no two ways around it.

2 thoughts on “El Nino

  1. Ok, I guess my dog is a very slow learner, or loves my reaction when getting out of the hot tub once again I find he has run off with my towel and left it down the stairs and out on the grass 20 yards away. He is 5 and still thinks it is great fun, in fact those bad, dry towels shake really well.


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