A Full Agenda!

Hello! It’s me!!


I’m just zonked after five consecutive days of non-stop activity.


Let’s get to the featured event of the trip … my stop in Oak Harbor to see my sister Autumn and her pups. Niece/Nephew fest!! I waited patiently to see my family.


Lemme tell ya, Autumn looks like a proud Mom, #amirite?


I can’t wait to communicate via p-mail with these tiny little sausage links!

And while Autumn was happy, I could tell she was worn out from the last few weeks. Fortunately, the pups will have new homes in 6-7 weeks.


In fact, I think everybody was a bit tired.


Ok, on to the other stuff that happened … and there is a plethora of activity to report on.

We spent a few days in Gig Harbor. The village has a nice downtown area where a pup can wait for Mom, take walks, or sit in the RV while Dad consumed Spam Sliders (yes, you read that correctly).


Mmmmmmmmmmmm …. sliders ….

However, I wasn’t a fan of the discriminatory practices in this town.


I assure you I wasn’t trespooping. But I can tell you that I wanted to do something in that spot. “Something”. Use your imagination.

Dad abandoned us on Saturday night for grass roots auto racing in Elma.


On Sunday morning, Mom and Dad tackled the biggest thorn in our collective sides … the warped window frame on the entry door. They tore the thing out, which I’m told was a highly satisfying experience.


A half-hour later the new frame was installed and was solid. No more howling breezes coming in the side door while whistling down the highway at 70mph.

Mom decided to celebrate by enjoying a beverage in Bremerton.


Next, we crossed Hood Canal, on our way to the Port Angeles / Sequim metroplex. There was a seven-mile backup of cars trying to get back to Seattle on a Sunday afternoon. If there’s one thing Mom & Dad have learned from this trip, it is this … there are now way too many people west of the Cascades in Washington and Oregon.


Once in the metroplex we visited our friends Joe & Debbie. And while I thoroughly enjoyed the more than three full days I spent there, I was at times banished to the RV while Joe / Debbie / Mom / Dad had fun. And that’s NO FUN, if you know what I’m talking about. But I abide regardless.

When I was included in the activities, I had a blast. Here I’m being served a refreshing blueberry … and I had to shake my paw for the right to be offered the succulent sweet.


I’m told that the golf on Monday was sub-par.


We took a nice walk on Monday night … I was eager to stretch all four legs.


What the …..?


We also did a bit of shopping … or checking phones … either way, something happened.


We left the metroplex on Wednesday morning. As we headed toward Port Townsend we noticed a large RV towing a car … and there was a problem … a major problem. Mom crafted a sign, and Dad finally found a passing lane to allow Mom to share a dire warning with the RV.


Fortunately the driver pulled over immediately. Problem averted? We’ll never know for sure. But I like to believe that when you see a threat you make somebody aware of the threat. You never know when the transmission in the tow car was left in neutral or a chupacabra was trying to get into your RV storage bay. Always best to be safe.

Mom and Dad ate lunch in Port Townsend. Dad enjoyed Panang Curry. Rumor has it that at press time Dad was still licking the interior of the empty bowl.


We boarded a ferry at Port Townsend, enabling us to tootle our way along Whidbey Island. I got a chance to stretch my legs again.


On Whidbey Island, Mom collected yet another National Park Stamp … after that we visited my sister!!!!


From there we crossed Deception Pass, where the Chupacabra of the Ocean (the Squid) resides in 800 foot ocean depths.


We spent the night in Anacortes with Doug, Laura, Greg, and Debra. We enjoyed late evening breezes and grilled salmon … and we spent some time on the third floor deck.


This morning we boarded a ferry to Friday Harbor. We’re spending a full week on San Juan Island, so that should be a lotta fun!!


We’ve covered a lot of ground in Washington State … the yellow highlighted routes are all of the routes I’ve traversed in an RV since I’ve been born. And we even missed one route (down I-82) when we first visited Arizona in March 2016 (the month Mom decided she wanted to live in, ironically enough, Arizona).


That’s a lotta miles riding in a tin can.

This afternoon Dad fixed a leaky kitchen sink. Is there anything he can’t do? Well, yes. There’s a ton of stuff he can’t do. But we don’t focus on that here. We extol his virtues, and in exchange I get to enjoy a periodic abundance of crunchables.

We’re gonna take a break tonight (after having pizza with my friends Ken & Sue … Ken calls me “buddy“, and I lick his toes in eternal gratitude). Tomorrow we tackle nearly two weeks worth of laundry, and then tomorrow night we renew acquaintances with friends on the island. Sounds like fun? You bet!!!! It’s all part of a very full agenda, an enjoyable agenda, one we need to take advantage of, because in just a little over a week we begin to head for home. Our trip enters the penultimate week, with nearly four weeks in the books.



6 thoughts on “A Full Agenda!

  1. Will you and mom come to Wed night Quilting–so I can pet you –and see mom of course??????
    Sounds as if every moment is packed with visiting–etc.
    Sheesh! SPAM SLICERS?????? Your dad has an iron stomach.
    Auntie Janet


  2. WELCOME to SJI, Dashie and family!!!!! Oh boy, oh boy…. I can’t wait to see you. What a wonderful, exciting adventure you’ve had… please thank your dad for writing this dogablog for us to enjoy! Pictures are great too! I’m off-island today (Friday) to pick up a quilt I had professionally quilted (in time for the fair), but available anytime over the weekend. I work Mon – Wed (elections clerk). Must-must see you guys… transportation guaranteed! Hugs and toe licks to you, best mutt in the world πŸ™‚


  3. Let us know if you come on this side of puget sound, other side of the sound, or 405. I’m finally feeling better after 18 days! Let’s hope this is me turning the corner! I’m home next week with only 1 evening plan (B-52s at the zoo.)


  4. Hey! — We got ink! Dash ink! (not to be confused with octupus ink πŸ˜‰ Meeting you was a highlight of our visit to Anacortes, Dash — of which there were many while we visited our friends Ric (a/k/a Doug) and Laura (a/k/a possibly the top non-professional cook in Anacortes). Another was meeting and spending time with your mom and dad! As an aside, and with all due respect of course to your fine dad, we were probably content to forego indulging in his curious affinity for the stuff in the rectangular Hormel can. Greg and I are just weird that way . . . Anyway, I’m happy you, mom, and dad prevailed over the myriad threats encountered on your travels to return home safely. Tell your mom and dad I’ll send some photos I took at the Tuttles’. And remember not to go out onto the sizzling Arizona pavement without your flip flops, little buddy! πŸ˜‰


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