700 RV Miles in 25 Hours

Hello! It’s me.


We left Arizona yesterday around 4:30pm. By 5:15pm today, we were just south of Carson City, over in northeast Nevada.

These afternoon drives pointed Northwest, and that’s a problem, because that’s where the Sun is. Mom did her best to hide me from harmful rays.


Or maybe she hid me from ALIENS, #amirite?


I’m relegated to an 18 inch by 45 inch makeshift bench seat that Dad created from bed form and blankets purchased at Walmart. While I appreciate the effort, I’d prefer to spend time on Mom’s lap.


Check out what Dad calls a “concept photo”.


We are taking a very different route north this year … through Vegas and Pahrump, then up US-95 to US-6, where we crossed the Sierra Nevada mountains while I crossed my legs waiting for a pullout.


Mom coaxed Dad into an “unscheduled pit stop”.


FYI – gold was discovered near this monument … I came up empty, which was a bit of a disappointment.


We are staying at a KOA campground just south of Carson City. Their website promised a Restaurant, and they most certainly delivered, albeit with a caveat … the Restaurant is permanently closed.


Mom cobbled together ravioli and a salad in lieu of a campground diner.

By this time tomorrow night, we’ll be in Klamath Falls, in Southern Oregon, and our time in the Pacific Northwest shall begin. Between now and then we’ll navigate another 279 miles of curves, bumps, and hills. I’ll sit in my 18″ x 45″ improvised bench seat, awaiting arrival.

P.S.: During our trip, Mom occasionally enters buildings without my permission. This is not acceptable behavior. My solemn promise to you is this … I will not leave my post unless Mom reappears through the same door she entered.


P.P.S.:  Sometimes I just need a friend, somebody who sees the world the way I do and not as a 350 mile a day “dash” across America. Surely you can understand.


P.P.P.S.:  Maybe this is why I need a friend … hundreds upon hundreds of empty and bumpy miles.







And Away We Go!

Hello! It’s me!


That’s me … in “pensive mode”, #amirite?

And who could blame me? In about four hours we begin an RV trip to the Pacific Northwest. By sunset we’ll be in the luxurious confines of beautiful Pahrump, Nevada. This is an alternate route … Dad originally proposed taking US395 north from the Riverside area, but incessant earthquakes along the route required a change of course. Instead, we’ll skirt past Death Valley, hoping not to get our eyes pecked-out by buzzards #thoughtsandprayers