He’s Back!

Hello. It’s me!!


Daddy was gone on a “business trip” for a few days, and the look on my face tells one and all that I was skeptical the whole thing was “business”, #amirite?


Yeah … some “business” trip.

You’d think Dad would have brought me something interesting from the Philadelphia Airport Gift Shop … instead it’s an increase in the vegetable component of my diet.


Regardless, I overcame the adversity and really “wedged-in” with Dad on the couch this afternoon.


4 thoughts on “He’s Back!

  1. Lots of veggies will make you very healthy–trust me–my husband just read an article on this on the Washington Post. However–candy, cake, etc-sure sounds more delicious to me. You are abused–as usual–so you can be healthy. I have to admit–your fur looks wonderful. Take care, Auntie Janet


  2. Well, I am sorry for you Dash, but if that had been “TC’s” dinner/snack she would have loved it. I think sometimes she preferred veggies to steak……Still just love those pictures of you…:-)


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