Where Did Julia Go?

Hello. It’s me!!


My friend Julia is visiting this weekend. She’s looking at colleges. I wish she’d spend more time looking at me.

At one point I just got fed up. I hid under the bed – I mean, why does she drive all this way if she doesn’t want to spend every single moment with me, #amirite?


Mom tried to quell my angst with a toy. I tried to ask Mom when Julia was going to come back?


Nobody would give me answers, so I had a discussion with Dad.


4 thoughts on “Where Did Julia Go?

  1. Gee Dash–Julia probably didn’t recognize you in your svelt state–that happens sometime, you know.
    Are you glad that mom is back? I bet she had a great time. We had a great time at Quilt Camp. Maybe mom can come to camp next year. Mom should check out Marie’s Facebook to see the quilt she worked on–Argyle Design. Auntie Janet


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