Hello … it’s me!!


That’s the blank look of a pup who lost 1.4 pounds in the past six weeks. For those of you keeping score at home, that’s like a human losing 10-15 pounds. And with an obesity epidemic running wild across America, I’m on the right side of the battle, #amirite?

My body isn’t the only thing that is in transition.

Days are in the low 80s now, and that means I get to take long walks without the threat of heat stroke. Sometimes you run into odd situations. For instance, Dad and I were walking past a house and I pottied on or next to the post supporting the mailbox. Nine seconds later the garage door opens and the homeowner comes out and washes the area where I went to the bathroom.


I looked at Dad and said “Is that normal?” And Dad said “yes, it’s normal for you to have to go to the bathroom.”

Dad inferred that we won’t be walking past Mr. Wilson’s home anytime in the near future.

With the season in full change, the coyotes have taken over the streets.


I said, “Dad, is that normal?” … and Dad said “As long as they don’t go potty on or near the mailboxes yes, it’s normal.”

Frank visited last weekend. For once, there were two dogs begging for food in our home.


Did Frank boot me off of the couch? Absolutely.


But that’s ok, because when Frank was sleeping in the Casita, I was sad. I longed for his company.


We’ve got a big weekend coming up … our house is on a Home Tour … apparently people want to see what a year-and-a-half of a comprehensive remodel looks like. It’s been a period of transition for everybody, human, canine, home. I’m looking forward to winter!!




5 thoughts on “Transition

  1. Thank u Dashie for putting up with ur cousin. I know he doesn’t have the social ediquette that u have. Sorry he took ur spot on the couch next to dad. He does love u but it may take a couple yrs to figure it out. We thank u for letting him invade ur home & ur good grace. Xoxo


  2. WOW! You are looking so sveldt! Watch out for the coyotes–I hear they are smart and sneaky.
    Do you have the wild pigs in your development? I have a friend in Green Valley and they have a herd of about 10 javalinas go through the development at least once a day. You wouldn’t like them–they smell bad. Take care, Auntie Janet


  3. Congratulations to you and your folks for achieving a slimmer, healthier YOU!!! It’s hard work, for sure (humans and dogs), but in the long run, a good thing. Walking is too. I’m sad about Mr. Wilson’s Trumpian intolerance of nature and lack of grace. But the good news is, there are many different streets to explore.


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