A Quenching Broth of Chemicals

Hello. It’s me!!


That’s my blank stare … Dad, is it done yet? IS IT DONE YET?


I’m tired of hanging out in the front yard. Do I enjoy artificial turf and a non-stop parade of golf carts heading to and fro? Absolutely. But it is time for me to enjoy my big ol’ water bowl in the back yard.

And we’re close. Real close!


The remaining electrical work happens this week … and gas hookups happen on Tuesday. Then we get to heat both of my water bowls!


There’s really nothing better than a quenching broth of chemicals, #amirite?


9 thoughts on “A Quenching Broth of Chemicals

  1. Don’t drink too much of that stuff–it will stunt your growth. Things are really happening!!!! Let the Fiesta begin!!!! ( as soon as the potty field is put in). Auntie Janet


  2. Yo chlorine pup,
    Not only will that water stunt yer growth, that blank stare of yours might become permanent.
    Bet y’all can’t wait for that first “dip” ๐Ÿ™‚

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  3. Ooooooooooooooo! It looks so pretty with water in your bowls!!!!!!! All that work, all that mess, all that time, all has paid off in spades!!!! Hugs and skritches ๐Ÿ™‚


  4. It I’d a darn good thing you got that patio furniture out of the pool in time for the water fill, Dash, because I prefer to sit out there and not at the bottom of the pool. Okay, then it looks like Anita and I will be living it up in the mi casita next February. In the meantime, if you can steal away up here, (we welcome Dash dogs in our home, along with Their sponsor families) you may want to fly north in the tween time. Hugs, lauraxoxox


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