Partly Cloudy

Hello. It’s me!!


Is there anything better than a partly cloudy day?

Now, partly cloudy comes with conditions. Partly cloudy and 42 degrees when the normal high is 60 isn’t great. But partly cloudy and 76 when the normal high is 70, well, that’s a whole ‘nuther thing.

I like to start a partly cloudy day by grabbing a towel to adorn the artificial turf with.


Getting “the right” towel is a bit of a process. I’ll sample varieties until I get the specific towel that matches the mood of the day.


Then it is a matter of getting comfortable.


Eventually, I arrive at a point of what I call “blanket equilibrium”.


But once “partly cloudy” becomes “sunny” I abandon all blankets and instead focus on absorbing as much of “El Sol” as I can … usually with a toy in tow.



Then “partly cloudy” returns and it’s time to hit the road for some fun.


With the breeze blowing, I am always hopeful we are going somewhere interesting.


Sometimes we arrive at an interesting place.


And sometimes we arrive at the vet … #ugh.


The nice thing about a “partly cloudy” day is that anything is possible … even the potential of finding the elusive “Wendy” … or a food truck in the worst case.


4 thoughts on “Partly Cloudy

  1. At last dear Dash–a picture of you in the golf cart!!!!! You can tell how delighted I am by all those exclamation marks!!!!!!!!!!! Stay away from the food truck–remember how hard it was to loose that weight—well–maybe just a bite of something good.
    It is snowing BIG BIG FLUFFY FLAKES right now–almost a whiteout. We have about 4 inches of snow and more coming. My friend’s dog has had a great time leaping at the flakes.
    Ask you mom a question for me–Tori–Have you joined a quilt guild there yet??? What interesting projects are you working on ( note–I didn’t say 1876–even Marie is sick of it)?
    Auntie Janet


  2. Yo Dash,

    So lemme get this straight, you’re thinkin that you might score down there in Goodyear (Phoenix) while the elusive Wendy is pining away on San Juan Island? Sounds to us that you might be recalling that Rick Nelson ditty about “Owning a Heart in Every Port”. Better watch out for those pretty senoritas as you’re pretty close to “Ol Mexico”. Just ’cause you live on “Sheila Lane”. doesn’t mean you can court Australian Shepard’s either. So while you’re out being a “Travelin Man”, be careful that you don’t leave TOO many hearts yearning for your return.

    Peace out!


  3. Hey Dash, it me TC… Well I’m definitely jealous although you are missing some serious snow cone material out here on San Juan Island. Good stuff and lots of it today! The snow is still falling and I just came in from outside looking like a white sheltie leopard….. Didn’t bother me…..I love the snow! Best is when I get to go with Ron and he takes the lawn tractor to get wood. Laying in the snow watching him work is my favorite past time other than a good nap after working so hard! Next year Mom says she thinks its time to join you in Arizona! She is dying to get out and play in the snow, but she is on strict instructions to stay off of it because she had back surgery last week. Well, Dash I will eat some snow cone for you out here while you are away…….Enjoy the sun!


  4. I have a feeling you may reside on artificial turf permanently in the future Dashie…we can’t compete with all of the delicious activities your folks are enjoying! ❄️☃️❄️ It’s snowing and beautiful here in the PNW!


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