Hello! It’s me.


What do you see in front of the fireplace?

Yes, that’s a bowl of food.

I haven’t eaten more than a couple pieces of carrot today – it’s a protest against the endless pelletalization of my diet. Same food, every day. So it doesn’t matter where Dad puts the food, he can glue it to my foot, I’m not interested in it today.

Shhhhhhh …. lean in here for a second …. if somebody has access to an ample serving of nachos, please let me know. I saw Dad eating them earlier, and there couldn’t be anything better than fake nacho cheese sauce drizzled over oily corn chips, #amirite?

A parting thought … my friend Kate sent this lovely little piece of art. I thought y’all might appreciate it. If I had to pick a pup out of the image that best represented me, I’d be the one standing up on the lower left … begging … for human food.



Hello. It’s me!!


We’re about as far from summer as you can get, my friends. We’re not playing tennis with Wendy on a glorious, sunny, 74 degree afternoon. Nope. Not at all.

We wait for ferry traffic amid drizzle and grey skies.


But then, with rainfall a full 58% above average since October 1, something new, something interesting, something hard to pronounce happened.


It is tempting to think about sitting in an Adirondack chair as frozen pellets hit you in the head, no doubt about it. But this isn’t snow. It isn’t hail. It is ….


Click here, you’ll learn all about this magical particulate.

To be honest, I found the uniform “whiteness” of the pellets somewhat boring, so I added a bit of color to the ensemble – my own version of a summertime snow cone.


And then, it was time to demonstrate raw athleticism (visit the site if you cannot see the video via email).

The endless tedium of grey and drizzle and intermittent heavy showers was disrupted by graupel from the heavens. I, for one, am thankful to the Creator of frozen delights!