Hello! It’s me.


Could somebody please turn off the rain machine that has consumed the Pacific Northwest?


I mean, unlike humans, I have to go to the bathroom in that stuff. The whole situation is depressing, if you ask me!

6 thoughts on “Moist

  1. Ethere must be some good smells out there, though. Cats, possums, who knows. Draw on your wild dogness, Dash. You are a beast. If only Wendy could see you!.


  2. Yo Dash

    That sock monkey might actually be a chupacabra rain making kachina idol. Better stop chewing the stuffings out of it. By the way, it’s 80 degrees & sunny in Phoenix 🙂


  3. Hey little bro, you do realize that our undercoats are a bit water proof, right? Mostly it’s the dark part I hate. We had phantoms in our yard this morning. BTW I love the sock monkey – need to find one.


  4. My cat thought the same thing—she chose to stay inside and use her hatbox and then go back to bed. She said to wake her up when the sun was out. Auntie Janet


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