Go Potty!

Hello! It’s me.


That’s the luxury and comfort afforded by a touring coach.

Here’s what is not so great about a touring vehicle. It seems like all we ever do is tour places where I am supposed to “go potty”.

Go potty.


I mean, this is Baker City, Oregon. It’s part of the original Oregon Trail, where pioneers made their way west on I-84 in their own touring coaches.

Go potty.


Go potty.


Go potty.


Go potty.


Go potty.


After reading that one, it was Mission Accomplished!!

Back in the rig … we crossed over into Idaho, where the speed limit is 80mph.


Today, I tried different seating options. My car seat leaves me feeling cramped, and when I feel cramped I don’t feel very happy, and when I don’t feel very happy, well, look out Mom!! The floor seemed to offer a comfortable option, sans a panoramic view of grey and drizzle.

Mom even went so far as to roll out all of the toys I routinely obliterate in typical settings.


We thundered about 35 miles past our projected destination … all the way to Burley, ID. Then, Mom and Dad went to eat dinner, while I was crated in the RV. #nothappy. Dad tells me he likes to eat healthy, so much so that he even brought back a few table scraps. Guess which portion of the dinner made up the table scraps?


Tomorrow, I’ll look back fondly on my time in Idaho.


We’ll spend Friday in Utah, and then make our way into Northern Arizona by Saturday evening. When you ride in a touring coach, like I do, the miles really do fly by. We have knocked down 750 miles in two days, plus an hour-long ferry ride. I now understand why the Pioneers enjoyed the Oregon Trail so much … with speed limits of 80 miles per hour, you could really cross the country in short order. And, they had fun along the way.

P.S. Did you see the precious cargo in the wagon above? It’s not often you see a leash held firm and horizontal, is it?

5 thoughts on “Go Potty!

  1. Dash, you were soooooo cute as a puppy, but I must say you get cuter every time I see you. Enjoy the adventure, you will grow to love and look forward to these trips. Love ya!


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